DRAGON BALL by Akira Toriyama The Creation of a Legend Part 3

Akira Toriyama has created a series of world-famous works such as Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest, and has had a great influence on the global anime and manga industry.
So, continuing from last time, I would like to introduce Akira Toriyama’s career and other information!

If you haven’t seen parts 1 and 2 yet, check them out below.

Let’s watch part 1!
Let’s watch part 2!

What will happen to Dragon Ball in the future?

Now that Akira Toriyama has passed away on March 1, 2024, what will happen to Dragon Ball in the future? Many are concerned about the future of Dragon Ball.
However, we must not stay in sorrow.

With so many new releases, the most we can do is to pick them up and enjoy playing them.


Let me know if your favorite character is on here! 🙂

New video of the new Dragon Ball Sparking Zero series!

In conjunction with the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. will release a “GAMEPLAY SHOWCASE” featuring the latest title in the Dragon Ball Z Sparking!

5/Xbox Series X|S Dragon Ball Sparking! ZERO, the latest in the Dragon Ball Z Sparking! series, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, along with a “GAMEPLAY SHOWCASE” featuring the first public gameplay footage and an explanation of the battle system by the producer!

The largest cast of characters in the Dragon Ball series!

On the character page of the official website, some of the largest characters in the series have been revealed! Goku alone has 11 characters, and Vegeta has 13, more than the main character, and other popular characters such as [ Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshi, Trunks, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, and Broly! ]

More details on the characters will be announced as they become available!
We look forward to the release of more characters!


Click on the image to open the character page in a new tab 🙂

What about the many characters in the film?

The large number of characters in Dragon Ball Sparking! ZERO means that there will probably be a proportional amount of Dragon Ball merchandise on sale!
We can expect to see more figurines, sundries, and card games all over the world, so there will be a battle to be fought!
If you are interested in Dragon Ball merchandise, you had better be ready as soon as possible!
We are sure we can help you 🙂


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