Culture Day & My favorite

November 3rd in Japan is Culture Day!

On national holidays, the meaning of “To commemorate the founding of the nation and cultivate a love for the country” for National Foundation Day and “Respecting the character of the child, making the child happy, and thanking the mother.” for Children’s Day are determined. Do you know the meaning of Culture Day?

I think they are a little difficult to understand. I will explain What Culture day is easily.
“Culture Day” means “Love freedom and peace, promote culture” Freedom, peace and culture are all important things
The Act on National Holidays was created after World War II. “Culture Day” is one of the holiday that started after the war.

Japanese take day off to celebrate this special holiday. But the things we do is not only celebration at this holiday.
COVID-19 has suddenly spread around the world and rob peaceful life, and many people are forced to stay home, sadly.
What I was and am doing at that time was watching TV and movies in my house.
I have one favorite movie that name is “Godzilla”. This movie has many series, surprisingly, its first film were released on November 3rd.

Godzilla is a movie like Japan’s differentiation, and Godzilla is a very interesting movie.
The birth of Godzilla was triggered by the Daigo Fukuryu Maru Incident, which occurred the same year as the movie’s release. A Japanese fishing boat operating near Bikini Atoll in the western Pacific Ocean was exposed to the fallout from a U.S. hydrogen bomb test and was bombed. This incident led to the idea of “A monster awakened from ancient sleep by a nuclear test becomes angry that he has been driven out of the land of rest and destroys Tokyo.” The first movie recorded 9.61 million audiences.
“King Kong vs. Godzilla,” released in 1962, met the audience’s interest in “Which of the two great monsters in the world is stronger?” and became an extremely entertaining movie. And Mothra v. Godzilla, released in 1964, incorporated the negative aspects of the excessive tourism development boom into the theme of the film. “The theme and style of the film have changed with the times, but the film has continued to be” interesting as a monster film. ” I think this is the reason why Godzilla is loved over time.

The Godzilla work soon spread to other media and was broadcast on TV around the world. Young people who grew up watching television broadcasts in the United States eventually became Godzilla movie directors.

“Michael Doherty, director of Godzilla King of Monsters (2019), was one of them.” says Ota.

The Hollywood Godzilla has begun to be loved by people around the world because they took the appeal of the Godzilla story and used their imagination to create a new Godzilla statue in their own work. Just as sushi made by local chefs overseas has created a new attraction, Godzilla has left its hometown of Japan and has been localized and evolved around the world.

As this article, I am one of BIG fan of Godzilla, so I highly recommend you to watch it 🙂
I really appreciate reading such a loong article,
Thank you so much and stay safe!

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