Blood type fortune telling

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What do you use to tell your fortune in generally?
In Eastern and Western countries, common methods used for fortune telling might be astromancy, astrology, palmistry, spirit board reading or tarot card reading etc. depending on the cultures but in Japan, there is another methods of fortune telling that really unique and popular, it called ”Blood type fortune telling”.

I think most of people probably won’t learn what their blood type is until it’s necessary but in Japan, the people are obsessed with blood types because they believe it as a way to tell your certain personalities. As you knows, there are A, O, B and AB blood types, so people’s personalities will be classified into four groups based on their blood types.

Well, here is general personality based on blood types which well known in Japan.

A : serious, well-organizer, neat, timid, polite but get easily to stress out ( You know A type is the large number in Japan, and it consider to Japanese people’s personality LOL)
O : natural leader, ability to take action, confident, optimistic but they don’t care about small thing.
B : sociable, unique, flexible, creative, rule-breaker, very positive but unpredictable
AB : peculiar dreamer, intelligent, logical but split personality or they’re also said to have both of A and B types (double personalities)

In the other hand, some of Japanese people don’t believe this at all and also think that it so ridiculous to compose the people’s personalities like this, because this world don’t have only 4 kinds of people, right?!!!

What about you? What do you think ? Do you think, this has guessed your personality correctly ? Perhaps, the next time you meet a Japanese people, they might ask you that what your blood type is? 😛

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