Autumn in Japan

If you’re visiting Japan in Autumn, you may have the purpose for enjoying the autumn leaves or you can call 紅葉  (koyo) in Japanese. In this season, the leave’s color faded and changed color to orange, yellow and red like a painting that can be seen during this season only.

In generally, the peak season to see Autumn leaves in Japan may vary depending on the regions, the leave’s color begin to change in cold region, starting from Mount Asahi in Hokkaido and continuing happen in all over regions in Japan. Also, it usually takes place from October through early December every year ,however there are many times that Autumn leaves may fall earlier than expected. Anyways, if you have a plan for enjoying Autumn leaves in Japan, you can check the forecast on the internet which will be estimated best viewing times of each regions before you buying the ticket to come here 😀

Every viewing spots have their own characteristics and beauty, just choose the place where you like to relish the good moments of viewing, you may wish for the nice blue sky and good weather when you’re going out to fields or mountains to see the Autumn leaves.

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