About Japanese stuffed animal

As we talked about in the last blog “To American customers looking for KAWAII”

Among the inquiries of KAWAII, the top of the wholesale merchandise that people buy from us is a stuffed animal.

Many world-famous characters are from Japan, but most characters corresponding to KAWAII are sold as a stuffed animal.
But, you do not know which maker is making this stuffed animal. And many customers are having trouble. Also, we receive some inquiries such as “I would like to compare the wholesale price and MOQ of stuffed toys made by other manufacturers.”

There are some people who give up because the stuffed toy is light and big so the shipping cost does not meet their expectations.
But we are offering a service that can suppress shipping costs in our own way.
More information, please go to the following link.

First of all, please contact us and inquire to our staff member in charge.

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