2020 Unusual Obon Holiday

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I wrote about ‘ Unusual Obon Holiday ‘. I don’t think all of people know this Japanese special holiday, so let me explain it easily. If you would like to know it more deeply, another staff explained it before blog ( maybe 2019.Aug?).

What is ‘ Obon Holiday ‘? It is few days we welcome our ancestors back with warm hospitality like down below.
*Ready vegetable horses for them to go back their families.
*Visit their grave and sweep there with all family
*Festival to make them fun.. and so on

We normally do like above things, but this year is different from usual because of COVID-19. There are many people who cannot meet their families and visit ancestors grave. Almost all festivals were canceled. I’ve never met such a sad Obon Holiday since I was born and raised in Japan.

I really hope we have good vaccine for COVID-19 immediately not to happen this sad situation anymore. We should do effective way to save our selves like
→Wash your hands about 40 seconds ( =Singing Happy Birthday Song twice ) and month too
→NOT touch your mouth, eyes and nose very often
and if it is summer in your country, please pay attention not only COVID-19, you would also care about HEATSTROKE.

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