【October 2023】~Scheduled for release Part 3~ Introduction of new snacks products

Hello everyone!!

Today, we would like to introduce a new confectionery product scheduled for release in October!!

1.Chocolate Blanchul vanilla white


These bite-sized blanc choules are a combination of langdosha cookies kneaded with fermented butter and rich white chocolate.

2.Chocolat Blanchul – Fragrant Cacao


These bite-sized blanc chocolates are a combination of cocoa langdosha cookies with a crispy texture and milk chocolate that spreads the aroma of cocoa.

3.Sylveine Sacher Torte


This Sylveine expresses the taste of Sacher torte, a chocolate cake originating in Austria.


We are pleased to introduce our new snacks for a luxurious treat for yourself.

We offer a wide range of new Japanese snacks and toys.

For inquiries about our products, please contact us here.→ https://www.musubi-jp.com/contact/

See you on the next blog!!

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