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【Notification】Year-end and New Year holidays

*Our year-end and New Year holidays are from 28th December 2023 to 3rd January 2024.*
Therefore, replies to inquiries will be made on or after 4th January.

The three days of the New Year are considered special for Japan.

Many Japanese companies are closed until at least 3rd January.
This is because the three days of the New Year are recognised as special days in Japan.
This period is considered an important time for families to gather together to celebrate the New Year, and it is believed that the gods visit people at the beginning of the year. The origin of this custom is a Chinese custom that was introduced to Japan, where the first day of the year is honoured as ‘Jinni’, a day for praying for the good fortune of people. It is also regarded as a holiday during which people do not work during these three days, but instead pray to the gods and enjoy the company of their relatives.

New Year’s activities to do on the three days of the New Year

1. see the first sunrise of the year

Worshipping the first sunrise of the new year as it begins is an important New Year’s tradition for many Japanese. Rising early at local places of interest, such as the sea, mountains or parks, and watching the first light of the new year is a symbol of a fresh start for the year.

Watching the divine first sunrise of the new year while contemplating your New Year’s resolutions in your mind will give you hope for the new year.

2. celebrate the New Year with New Year dishes

The three days of the year in Japan are celebrated with traditional dishes such as osechi ryori and ozoni. Each of these dishes has its own meaning and is made in the hope of good health and happiness for the year ahead.

Gathering together with family members to taste carefully prepared dishes is an important time to share the happiness of the New Year.

3. pay a first visit to the shrine and write the first calligraphy.

During the New Year, people visit shrines and temples to pray for safety, health and good fortune in the New Year. They also make a New Year’s resolution to live a new year with a renewed spirit by writing the first calligraphy of the new year.

Enjoying Hatsumode in the fresh air with family and friends and calming your mind by writing at the beginning of the New Year is a wonderful way to welcome the New Year in peace and quiet.

Thank you for your continued support of MUSUVI, INC. over this year.

Inquiries will be replied in order from 4th January.

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