About the countries that we correspond to wholesale

We have a business relationship with several retailers overseas and we sell and export Japanese products to each country every month.

We basically deal with retailers in any country, but please note that we are not able to make a business relationship with retailers in some countries as to particular items, since we already have close relationships with them.

We try to think highly of those companies thinking of reducing domestic rival companies as much as possible. Thank you for understanding.

We will tell you about which product and which country we cannot deal with after we receive your inquiry.

About the shipment to export

As to selling and exporting our products with wholesale prices, we basically use containers to ship, unless the customer (a retailer) has a desired way of shipment.

We make it possible to offer you a low cost with a business tie-up with a shipping company.
Not only the quote for the items, but we can also give you the quote for the shipping fee. Please feel free to ask us for it as well.

If you have your desired way of shipping, we will make it possible as much as we can. Please let us know.

We look forward to your inquiry.

About the products that don’t fit any of the categories in ‘Products we handle’ page.

We handle many products you won’t find in the categories of the ‘Products we handle’ page.
We have never refused to handle any of the products our customers have enquired about.
We are able to provide almost all Japanese products.
We have been developing a new business where we haven’t had a wholesaler for the products.
We will negotiate with wholesalers regarding any products we haven’t handled. Please do not hesitate to enquire about any products, even though they are not on the list.
We will list a sample of the categories we have handled in the past. Please contact us if you are looking for a stable provider for those core products.

Example: home appliances, electrical products, perfumes, health products, over-the-counter drugs, second-hand furniture, office supplies, condiments, school bags