Cosmetics from Japan

Cosmetics from Japan have a good reputation. I’m sure not just Japan but each nation in the world would have good reviews of their cosmetic products. Let’s see what does the internet has to say.

From an article from Vox, it says

“While the American approach is almost akin to attacking your own skin with aggressive exfoliation and harsh formulas, the Japanese have a nourishing philosophy, emphasizing sun protection, thorough but gentle cleansing, and multiple hydrating and moisturizing layers.”

By Mari Uyehara, Nov 1, 2017 ” Why You Should Consider a Japanese Beauty Routine “

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Women from Japan tend to prefer natural make up such as applying a small amount of foundation as well as not too much eye shadow. Therefore this leads to women taking care of their natural skin very seriously. It is starting to get widely know around the world how moistrizing your skin is important to maintain the beautiful make up you put on. Hence eyes on cosmetics from Japan is increasing.

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