Let’s stay Safe and Warm!!!

Thank you for getting back our blog!

I still can’t believe the year is already coming to an end!
What do you think about in winter when it gets colder and colder outside?

Don’t you miss something in winter?
I really miss KOTATSU in winter.

こたつとお友達!かたつむり族 - 由衣のフリーブログ

A Kotatsu is one of the typical features in Japanese winters.
And it is a traditional heating system in Japan, which is a table and a heater combined as one piece of furniture. An electric heater is attached to the underside of the frame. A thick quilt is draped over the frame so the heat is trapped and the table top is placed on top. Sitting around the Kotatsu with the quilt over their legs, family members dine, watch television, chat, read or play games together. Many Japanese people eat mandarin oranges while using kotatsu.

Most Japanese people have experienced falling asleep in the Kotatsu, which is not recommended as it can make you catch cold easily, but it is so comfortable in the Kotatsu that you can’t avoid falling asleep.

If you want to try the Japanese kotatsu, find a Japanese-style ryokan with a kotatsu when you come to Japan and stay there. I’m sure you’ll miss the kotatsu every winter since then!

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